SARCPL renewed for another term of five years

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It was recently announced that the SARCPL’s first five-year review was successful and that the Chair will be funded for another five years, starting 2013. The Research Chairs are funded by the Departement of Science and Technology (DST) and administered by the National Research Foundation (NRF) as part of the Departement’s South African Research Chairs Initiative (SARChI).

The South African Research Chair in Property Law was initially awarded in 2007, for an initial period of five years, and started functioning in 2008. During 2012 the Chair was subjected to a review process, as all the SARChI Research Chairs are in the final year of each funding period. This review process included the compilation of a comprehensive five-year report, a site visit by NRF officials, and a review of the Chair’s activities by an international panel of reviewers. The main features of the Chair’s five-year report was the 10 LLM degrees and 11 LLD degrees that would be awarded to SARCPL bursary holders by the end of 2012 and the 4 books and more than 30 othe rpublications emerging from the Chair during the review period.

The NRF announced in August 2012 that the review was successful and that the SARCPL will be funded for another five-year period, from 2013-2017. The budget for this funding period was approved in November 2012.  In November the NRF also announced that Prof AJ van der Walt was again rated an A1 researcher during the 2012 NRF review process (it is a requirement that the holders of SARChI Chairs must be rated by the NRF).

In celebration of the successful completion of the five-year review and the approval of the new funding period, the Research Chair announced a whole series of new initiatives and events for its 2013 programme (see Events). The postgraduate students who have been accepted for 2013 were also recently announced (see Personnel).

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