Conference and guest lecture

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Prof AJ van der Walt was invited to present a guest lecture at the Research Unit in Law at the University of Luxemburg on 6 May. He also attended the prestigious Progressive Property Colloquium 2013 at the Loyola Law School in New Orleans (10-11 May) and presented a paper.


The photo above shows some of the members present at this year’s PPC. Dining together are, from the left Proff Marc Poirier (Seton Hall); David Lametti (McGill); Nomi Stolzenberg (USC); Laura Underkuffler (Cornell); Nick Blomley (Simon Fraser); Eduardo Peñalver (Chicago); Rob Hockett (Cornell) and Eric Freyfogle (Illinois).


From the left are Proff Eric Freyfogle (Illinois); Hanri Mostert (UCT) and John Lovett, who was the host of the 2013 colloquium at Loyola Law School.


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