Alumni Week 31 July – 2 August 2013

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The SARCPL hosted its first Alumni Week in August. This event provided the alumni and current scholars of the Chair the opportunity to share ideas from their current research projects, which was followed by valuable discussions and debates.


Both Prof van der Walt and Prof Van Erp presented seminars on current research projects that they are involved with. Prof Van der Walt’s lecture “Property under the Constitution” focused on the implication of subsidiarity principles for the development of property law. The application of subsidiarity principles in different scenarios was discussed, inter alia in the interpretation of legislation; development of the common law; and direct application of Constitutional provisions. Members of the faculty also attended the lecture and participated in the debate.


Pursuant to the Chair’s current focus on servitude law, Prof Van Erp presented a comparative perspective on the law of servitude. The seminar highlighted different jurisdictional approaches to vexing issues such as choosing between ex post or ex ante regulatory measures; recognition of positive obligations on the owner of the servient tenement; and the role of the numerus clausus principle in modern property law.


  • The SARCPL recently celebrated its fifth year anniversary in 2012. Below are some of the alumni that graduated under the auspices of the SARCPL (from the back on the left): Reghard Brits (LLD 2012); Richard Shay (LLM 2012); Ernst Marais (LLD 2011); Mikhalien du Bois (Kellerman, LLD 2010); Wian Erlank (LLD 2012); Gustav Muller (LLD 2011); Bradley Slade (LLM 2010, LLD 2012); and (in the front from left) Priviledge Dhliwayo (LLM 2012); Zsa-Zsa Boggenpoel (Temmers, LLD 2010); Sue-Mari Viljoen (Maass, LLD 2010).


The week ended on a high note with a lunch followed by a chocolate tasting at Spice Route Winery in the beautiful Paarl valley.




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