SARCPL Faculty Lecture 1 August 2013

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The SARCPL hosted its first annual faculty lecture on 1 August 2013. The guest speaker at this event was Prof JHM Van Erp from Maastricht University in the Netherlands. Prof Van Erp is a research fellow of the Chair and an expert in Dutch comparative and European property law. Below from the left is Prof AJ van der Walt; Prof JHM Van Erp and the Prof CS Human (Dean of the Faculty of Law).



Professor Van Erp’s lecture was entitled “Fluidity of ownership: A sign of a revolutionary evolution? Towards a procedural approach of substantive changes”. The lecture explored a comparative understanding of ownership and argued that the concept of ownership is in a state of flux, especially in light of modern technological, political and economic trends. These changes have fundamental implications for the categorisation of property rights and the position that property law occupies in a single system of law.

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