SARCPL group for 2014

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The SARCPL group for 2014 has been selected in principle. No new postgraduate positions were advertised since there is no funding available for 2014, but arrangements could nevertheless be made to accommodate the group as indicated below. Despite 8 LLB bursaries being available, only four candidates were selected from the 13 applications received.

The list is preliminary since a few of the candidates still have to pass their 2013 year and the NRF must accept all nominations.


Dr R Brits (postdoctoral fellow second year)

Ms Priviledge Dhliwayo (LLD II)

Ms Elsabé van der Sijde (LLD II)

Ms Lizette Grobler (LLD II)

Ms Karen Bezuidenhout (LLD final year, upgraded from LLM in 2013)

Mr Nzumbululo Silas Siphuma (LLD I)


Ms Sonja van Niekerk (LLM II)

Mr Nhlanhla Lucky Sono (LLM II)

Mr Jan-Harm Swanepoel (LLM I)


Ms Clireesh Terry Cloete (LLB IV)

Ms Ilke Ingrid Meissner (BAccLLB V)

Ms Tamrynne Anne Barnes (LLB PG II)

Ms Sophia Maria Louw (LLB PG II)

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