Visitors to the SARCPL in the months of October and November 2013

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Vincent van Hoof is a lecturer and researcher in the department of legal history at the Radbound University in Nijmegen. Vincent is writing a PhD thesis on the abrogation of the Roman and Roman-Dutch law’s general mortgage of immovable property and the general notarial bond of movables in the Netherlands in the 19th century. Vincent’s supervisors are Professor CJH Jansen and Professor HLE Verhagen.

Vincent visited the SARCPL from 5 – 28 November to do research on the survival, change or abrogation of the abovementioned security rights in South African law.

WL 3

Willem Loof is a PhD candidate at the University of Maastricht. Willem’s research focus is on the contractualisation of ownership, with specific emphasis on situations where legal ownership of an object is separated from the beneficial entitlement to the object. His thesis provides a comparative overview of the position in English, Scots, German and Dutch law. His supervisor is Professor Sjef van Erp (SARCPL fellow).

Willem visited the SARCPL from 20 October – 19 November to do research for his thesis, especially on the South African law of trusts. He presented a seminar on his research and benefitted from the feedback and discussions that followed.

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