SARCPL Day Seminar on Land Reform

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On 19 May the SARCPL hosted its first public day seminar for 2014. Since 2013 the SARCPL hosts two public day seminars per year on various property related topics. The seminar on 19 May focused on the multi-dimensional character of land reform. The seminar also served as the launch of Professor Juanita Pienaar’s new book Land Reform (2014), which forms part of the Juta’s Property Law Library. The photograph below captures the academic atmosphere at the event.


The speakers included Prof Juanita Pienaar (University of Stellenbosch), Dr Aninka Claassens (University of Cape Town), Prof Jeannie van Wyk (Unisa), Prof Willemien du Plessis (North-West University) and Prof Ben Cousins (University of the Western Cape).


Above is Prof Sonia Human (dean of the Stellenbosch Law Faculty) on the right with the two speakers who presented lectures in the morning session. Prof Juanita Pienaar (left) presented a lecture entitled Reflections on the South African land reform programme, which highlights some of the conclusion of her book. Dr Aninka Claassens (center) presented a lecture entitled Negotiated land reform: Recent developments in women’s land rights.


The panel of the round table discussion included Prof Willemien du Plessis (NWU Potchefstroom, left) presenting on the environmental dimension of land reform, Prof Ben Cousins (UWC Research Chair in Poverty, Land and Agrarian Studies (PLAAS), center) presenting on the communal/traditional dimension and Prof Jeannie van Wyk (UNISA, right) presenting on the planning dimension of land reform.


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