Graduation March 2015

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During the March 2015 graduation ceremonies, Dr Karen Bezuidenhout graduated with a LLD degree under the auspices of the SARCPL. The title of her thesis is Compensation for excessive but otherwise lawful regulatory state action.

Dr Bezuidenhout’s thesis concerns the South African property clause, authorises deprivation and expropriation of property. Section 25(1) requires that no law may authorise arbitrary deprivation of property. Dr Bezuidenhout investigated novel alternative solutions to invalidating excessive but otherwise lawful regulatory deprivations of property. She identified innovative remedies that allow courts to uphold regulatory measures and simultaneously balance out the excessive regulatory burden it imposes on the property owners.

Her study concludes that it is possible that deprivation of property may result in excessive regulatory burdens being suffered by one or a small group of property owners if the regulatory purpose is sufficiently important and necessary, provided that compensation is paid. Dr Bezuidenhout is currently serving articles at a law firm.

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