Dr Nadja Schwery is currently visiting the Chair

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After completing her studies at Freiburg University (Switzerland), Brussels University (Belgium) and Frankfurt am Main University (Germany) and admission to the bar in Switzerland, Dr Nadja Schwery spent a few years in legal practice before returning to the field of academia. Since November 2015, she has been writing full-time on a second monograph (“Habilitation”) as a post-doctoral fellow at Freiburg University, supported by a scholarship of the Swiss National Foundation. After research at the Max Planck Institute for comparative and International Private Law in Hamburg (Germany) and at the Institute of European and Comparative Law in Oxford (UK), she has been spending a research year since October 2017 at the South African Research Chair in Property Law.

She is currently working on her book project pertaining to the contractual analysis of condominium ownership (which is equivalent to the law of Sectional Titles in South Africa). Condominium ownership is the most popular form of home-ownership in Switzerland. Despite its popularity, there are numerous unresolved legal problems, especially at the interface between property law, construction law, company law and insolvency law.

Having a closer look at different forms of condominium ownership not only in Switzerland, but on an international, comparative law level, is of great benefit to her research. It deepens her understanding of the burning issues in the field of apartment ownership.

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