Property and Pandemics Video: “Green spaces” and inequality highlighted by Prof Boggenpoel and colleagues

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In a new video, organised by Professors Davy, Pellissery and Jacobs (embedded below right) our Chair, Prof Zsa-Zsa Boggenpoel, and fellow colleagues in the field of Property and Planning law from all over the Covid-19 stricken world, share their insights on the impact of the new coronavirus pandemic on property law in general, and town planning in particular. Quite notable is the emphasis placed on inequality by various participants, including Prof Boggenpoel, and the usefulness of “green spaces” to create open, welcoming, and egalitarian urban societies.

The video is one of the outputs of the Chair’s research project on “Property and Pandemics” and serves to highlight how this topic has thematical similarities in urban societies worldwide, as the pandemic devastates densely populated spaces, even in highly developed nations.

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