The Research Chair contributes to the formal research training of the postgraduate students by way of a series of regular seminars on property and related topics. Between 2008 and 2012, the group has presented and participated in some 350 seminars, involving in excess of 15 000 pages of reading material and presented by members of the group and more than 50 guest presenters from South African and foreign universities. The seminars are usually arranged in blocks of six weeks each, with seminars every Monday and Friday. Each block has a specific topic, ranging from Property Theory to Constitutional Property Law and various Common Law topics (in 2012 we focused on servitudes, in 2013 there are blocks on servitudes and real security). The year always starts off with intensive seminars on generic research skills and on the basic principles of Property Law. Apart from the generic research skills seminars, which are open to all postgraduate research students in the Stellenbosch Law Faculty, most seminars are closed for the sake of creating a safe environment for learning.

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